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Squid self-edit their genomes

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Abstract: In eukaryotic cells, with the exception of the specialized genomes of mitochondria and plastids, all genetic information is sequestered within the nucleus. This arrangement imposes constraints on how the information can be tailored for different cellular regions, particularly in cells with complex morphologies like neurons. Although messenger RNAs (mRNAs), and the proteins that they encode, can be differentially sorted between cellular regions, the information itself does not change. RNA editing by adenosine deamination can alter the genome’s blueprint by recoding mRNAs; however, this process too is thought to be restricted to the nucleus. In this work, we show that ADAR2 (adenosine deaminase that acts on RNA), an RNA editing enzyme, is expressed outside of the nucleus in squid neurons. Furthermore, purified axoplasm exhibits adenosine-to-inosine activity and can specifically edit adenosines in a known substrate. Finally, a transcriptome-wide analysis of RNA editing reveals that tens of thousands of editing sites (>70% of all sites) are edited more extensively in the squid giant axon than in its cell bodies. These results indicate that within a neuron RNA editing can recode genetic information in a region-specific manner.

Isabel C Vallecillo-Viejo, Noa Liscovitch-Brauer, Juan F Diaz Quiroz, Maria F Montiel-Gonzalez, Sonya E Nemes, Kavita J Rangan, Simon R Levinson, Eli Eisenberg, Joshua J C Rosenthal, Spatially regulated editing of genetic information within a neuron, Nucleic Acids Research, , gkaa172, https://doi.org/10.1093/nar/gkaa172

Stay tuned. It’ll probably get stranger. Sqid are unusual in many ways and some consider them a second genesis of intelligence:

Some think that this editing ability might have slowed down the octopus’s evolution (thought to have started about 100 million years ago) by random processes. That calls into question how much evolution is due to random processes anyway. As Evolution News & Science Today notes, “The implications for Darwin’s tree of life are clear. If animals are able to “defy genetics’ ‘central dogma’” (Phys.org) and take evolution into their own hands, no wonder the tree managers are scrambling.”

News, “Is the octopus a second genesis of intelligence?” at Mind Matters News

What kind of evolution is self-editing one’s genome?

@5 Martin_r:
Why in 21st century, would a mentally healthy person, a scientist, think, that this self-design without an engineer ? Do biologists believe in miracles ?
Naturalists think there is no intelligence in 'nature'. Therefore, decoding nature's inner workings is what stupid people do. No-intelligence decodes no-intelligence. That means Darwin was stupid. :) Truthfreedom
Most of the article is WAY over my head. The interesting part from an engineering perspective is that the edited mRNA controls the input impedance of neurons. In an electronic circuit, varying the input impedance tends to vary the broadness or sharpness of tuning. So the genome could be storing a learned sensory pattern for future generations. polistra
some smart biologist here? what is the theory? these octopus suckers, from which organ did they evolved? martin_r
look at this video, at this stunning very advanced real time camouflage technology... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8xJ13pAZNw Why in 21st century, would a mentally healthy person, a scientist, think, that this self-design without an engineer ? Do biologists believe in miracles ? Human engineers send robots to Mars, but such a real time camouflage is an engineering SCI-FI even in 21st century!!!! No problem with biologists - natural science graduates - they exactly know that this somehow evolved, it must have !!! Of course, they can't show you how, actually, they can't show you a thing, but they 100% know, that no engineer was needed !!! Biologists should see a doctor ... martin_r
in 2018 there was a paper published, signed by 33 MAINSTREAM scientists. "Cause of Cambrian Explosion - Terrestrial or Cosmic?" In that paper, these 33 mainstream scientists seriously consider, that Octopus-species landed on Earth in a form of frozen eggs with fully evolved genome. I was wondering, if the theory of evolution IS A FACT, that all life on Earth evolved from an universal common ancestor, why would 33 MAINSTREAM scientists published that Octopus-species evolved somewhere else in the Universe and not on Earth from that universal common ancestor ? Yes, the paper is 'controversial', but why would 33 MAINSTREAM scientists make fool of themselves? it is a simple question, can anybody answer it ? The paper is here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0079610718300798?via%3Dihub martin_r
“Squid self-edit their genomes” if this is not an ultimate proof of intelligent design, so what is it then ? martin_r
"Squid self-edit their genomes" "Squid self-edit their genomes" "Squid self-edit their genomes" so, what happened to random unguided blind natural process ? :))))) martin_r
Well, they have the ink to do it. :cool: ET

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