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Study: Christians for Darwin are mere dogmatists


Closing off our religion coverage for the week (a bit late), we hear from Filthy Monkey Men (an evolutionary anthropology blog by a Liverpool Student with Attitude):

Lots of religious people accept evolution, but they typically only do so because they’re following religious dogma, not because they understand the subject

So some researchers decided to test this hypothesis by taking trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum. There they conducted a survey, identifying visitors’ knowledge of evolution, their acceptance of the theory and their religious denomination. The goal being to identify whether or not religious denomination was correlated with knowledge and acceptance of evolution; indicating that some groups were indeed fostering scientific understanding.

And as you might expect they found a link between knowledge and acceptance of evolution. People who knew more about the subject were more likely to believe it. They also found a correlation between religious denomination and acceptance of evolution. Catholics, for example, were about as likely as college graduates to accept the theory of evolution as true. Protestants had a similar rate of acceptance, whilst non-denominational Christians had a very low rate of belief in evolution.

Crucially though they failed to find a link between religious denomination and knowledge of evolution. A Catholic might have been as likely as a college graduate to accept evolution, but they typically knew less about the subject than a high school dropout. In other words, there were two paths people took to accepting evolution: they either knew something about the theory, or they belonged to a religion that said the theory was true. More.

It’s intriguing that in the current debacle of the social sciences, it occurred to an enterprising group to study the pro-Darwin crowd as well.

By “evolution,” our blogger means Darwinism, of course: “And a survey of visitors to a museum found that education does help. It was linked with acceptance of Darwin’s theory.” In short, knowing something about evolution usually means professing Darwin. He goes on to point out that Darwin makes churches’ non-naturalist viewpoint irrelevant. Exactly. Which may correlate with those churches’ demographic demise.

Our student doesn’t address the ongoing move to rethink evolution in non-Darwinian terms, which takes the punch out of the Christians for Darwin industry (Finding Darwin’s God, Saving Darwin, God after Darwin, etc.) Their behaviour has long disqualified them from seriousness anyway.

See also: Michael Denton on the growing chorus of dissent

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But did they consider whether there was a strong correlation between both being religious and understanding evolutionary theory well on one hand and rejecting the grand claims of evolutionary theory on the other hand. Or did they compare knowledge of the theory between religious people who reject its grand claims and nonreligious people who accept them? HeKS
The title of the blog, “Filthy Monkey Men,” http://www.evoanth.net/2016/04/25/religious-acceptance-dogma/ no doubt has Freudian overtones: God created ‘filthy monkey men.’ What does that make such a God? Darwin dismissed the Judaeo-Christian God as “erroneous.” It appears, more or less, religious dogma, is what makes people believe in evolutionism. True religious dogma, as given verbatim by Yahweh, and upheld by the Son, is dogmatically opposite to Darwinism and long age creationism. The cosmos may have the appearance of evolution, but that is not the same as the unprovable repeated fact, that common descent evolution is true from a cosmic explosion. Of course, a miracle over six days cannot also be proved, as such. We have only the historic word of the God of Sinai for that. For any faith based system, to adhere to split mind thinking, can only result in the eventual total collapse of that faith, unless the real God interviews according to his word at Sinai. Judaeo-Christians now converted to evolutionism, and now serving two masters, cannot keep to their former own Holy Code of Practice from Sinai. Such an example sends out a destructive message. It makes out the faith was founded on stone rubble. Such a distorted faith forces it's way into the kingdom of heaven by substituting a false code, that God created by evolutionism, totally opposite to what the Almighty said. Regrettably, speaking as a Catholic myself, the Pope now teaches God created by Darwinism, so it appears. The Pope therefore teaches, as Darwin did, God is "erroneous" p 6, Origin. Clearly, therefore, Jesus, as creator One God, actually created us as a knuckle-dragger, sexually deviant, and created us to die, making himself, more or less unemployed for giving gross contradictory teaching and doing a hatchet job on original sin. If common descent be true, which I do not believe, why not just say at Sinai, He created by evolution. Surely, that is not a difficult thing to communicate, Jesus being the Word, God’s Word. We err in not knowing the power of the Almighty. mw

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