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Summer evening fun: The design inference and crop circles

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fractal crop circle
This was just an accident with the mower ...

In “Probing the secrets of crop circles” (Access Research Network, August 10, 2011), David Tyler looks at the curious phenomenon of patterns formed by the flattening of crops: Law? Chance? Trespassers? Space aliens?

Whilst many suspected human activity, people did not own-up to making crop circles. If this is the explanation, the perpetrators have kept remarkably silent about their accomplishments! There were two schools of thought: one group concentrated on humans, whereas the other group looked for aliens and UFOs.

However, this discourse changed in 1991, when “two unassuming men in their sixties declared that they had been creating crop circles for more than 25 years.” At last, the silence had been broken! These two could not be responsible for all the crop circles made in this period, but they did confess to making 250 of them (20% of the total in England). More.

Competition and pursuit of publicity for this peculiar art form led to growing sophistication through the use of “computers, GPS equipment and lasers to help map out their patterns.”

Serendipitous or what? Well it was for me. I have just returned from a holiday in the Avebury area. While driving around we stumbled across a crop circle beside Windmill Hill, the same area as the one in the photo above. It was not as intricate as the one shown, but it was very impressive none the less, two large spirals with several smaller circles in a line. Definitely intelligently designed, as was the nearby Avebury stone circle and Silbury Hill. On returning home I took my regular look into ARN and UD where this feature on crop circles jumped out at me, so I thought I'd post a comment. I had been there and asked people I met for their views There were a wide range of opinions. Most locals thought they were the product of humans, very clever and well informed humans at that. A visitor I asked said they "came from above" as he looked skyward. He assumed that the designs were too complex for humans to be able to accomplish the task over one night, in the dark. They probably are completed during one night as there are ample helicopters, light aircraft and hot air balloons in the skies above to spot any partially completed designs. A farmers wife told me that farmers detest the circles and I can understand why. Everyone agrees that these circles are designed by persons or entities unknown. People infer design because they see unexplained specified complexity. They don't need to know the nature of the designer/s when making their inference. In my opinion both crop circles and nano-machines such as the bacterial flagellum exhibit this type of complexity and no known natural forces can account for either of them. Some previous circles can be seen by zooming in on Avebury, Marlborough, England in Google Maps satellite option. The clearest one in a field just north-east of the Avebury stone circle. CharlieM
I heard Crop circles meant information by naturalistic means of blind undirected forces of physicals and chemcials provided by pesticides Farmers used. Although it's okay if it was Aliens from another world, just so long as it has nothing to do with the biblical God. Eocene

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