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Origin of life study shows how design can generate results

natural enantiomer of the RNA precursor molecules/UCal Merced

From “Study Builds On Plausible Scenario for Origin of Life On Earth” (ScienceDaily, Aug. 10, 2011), we learn:

Biological molecules, such as RNA and proteins, can exist in either a natural or unnatural form, called enantiomers. By studying the chemical reactions carefully, the research team found that it was possible to generate only the natural form of the necessary RNA precursors by including simple amino acids.

Say on,

“These amino acids changed how the reactions work and allowed only the naturally occurring RNA precursors to be generated in a stable form,” said Hein. “In the end, we showed that an amazingly simple result emerged from some very complex and interconnected chemistry.”

Now could you just turn that around please, and have a “very complex and interconnected chemistry” result from “an amazingly simple” input? Meantime, next!

Should we classify OOL studies with the pursuit of the Holy Grail? Thoughts?

This reminds me of when Ben Stein was asking about OOL beginning from that bearded professor(I can't remember his name, but he was heavy set) and the guy said the information for life(I'm assuming RNA) hitched a ride on the backs of Crystals. Ben Stein asked how did that happen ? The guy says, but I just told you, on the backs of crystals. Ben Stein says yes I know, but can you explain how it happened ? The guy said with heightened voice, BUT I JUST TOLD YOU, Ben Stein interupts and says 'on the backs of crystals', YES. Ben Stein just gives that blank Ben Stein stare as only Ben Stein can do it. The camera shot seemed to last for minutes with that stare, which ultimately spoke volumes. LOL Eocene

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