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Suzan Mazur: World Science Foundation Evening on Mars “marred,” so to speak, by a second-rate panel


Science writer Suzan Mazur didn’t seem to find the Templeton-sponsored World Science Foundation’s evening on Mars worth the $42 ticket price:

It is an understatement to say this gab session was a letdown following Martin Rees’s recent exacting presentation at Simons Foundation, where Rees referred to a post-human habitation of Mars.Suzan Mazur, “Part 2 – World Science Foundation Feeds Public Bogus Science and Profiles Attendees” at Oscillations

Noted astronomer Martin Rees is a hard act to follow, but still …

Rees was someone to whom Mazur could introduce her book, Darwin Overthrown. He seems comfortable with non-Darwinian origin of life researchers.

Unfortunately, this time out, a co-operation between NASA and Templeton resulted, in her account, in “a panel of lesser-known NASA and NASA-affiliated experts” saying nothing new.

But wait… she also reveals that a two-page survey was handed out, asking a number of none-o’-yer-business questions on behalf of “Audience Research & Analysis, an organization that helps government agencies and cultural agencies to “move forward with decision research.”

She scanned the survey into her story; go and see for yourself how much of your private business NASA, Templeton, and/or whoever would hope to find out if you paid to attend the meeting.

Suzan Mazur’s most recent book is Darwin Overthrown: Hello Mechanobiology (above)

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Astronomer Martin Rees Reacts To Suzan Mazur’s Darwin Overthrown

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