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Swamidass, Rana, and Ross debate origins


That’s right, Joshua Swamidass of Washington University and Peaceful Science, Fuz Rana of Reasons to Believe, and Marcus Ross of Liberty University debated “Origins: Science and Faith” at Rethink 315, at Grace Union Church in St. Louis, streamed live on Feb 18, 2022:

Essentially, theistic evolution vs. old Earth creationism, vs. young Earth creationism. A chance to find out from spokesmen, not Twitter, what people really think.

We’re hosting a very special events looking at the creation of the world and origins of humanity. Rethink 315 has arranged 3 wonderful apologist to discuss different points of views of how everything started!

Listening now. The strongest science is w/in ID and the strongest ID w/in YeC, on the related science. If they do not conclude that. it is because they do not know, or do not even know they do not know, all the related science yet. reference Pearlman YeC for the alignment of scriptural testimony, science and ancient civ. Pearlman

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