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TalkDesign: A spinoff of TalkOrigins, aimed against intelligent design specifically


Or, as they put it, “We feel that the “Intelligent Design” arguments require this kind of focused attention due to their widespread use in antievolutionary activity.”

Not clear why the usual fare at TalkOrigins wasn’t working, but here are the volunteers who run TalkDesign.

The first mentioned (July 23, 2014), Mark Perakh is, to the best of our knowledge, deceased. Others may be more active.

This page gives their rationale, which makes apparent that they have conceded a lot of ground already.

Which doesn’t mean that your local fellow with a loudhailer and a lawyer is aware of any of that.

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Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista

--“We feel that the “Intelligent Design” arguments require this kind of focused attention due to their widespread use in antievolutionary activity.”-- LOL. These people respect science about as much as Pol Pot did. Why don't they just come here and refute the arguments? I suspect the powers-that-be here would be delighted to have the debate. tribune7
OT: Check this out from Physorg: Fiber optic light pipes in the retina do much more than simple image transfer - Jul 21, 2014 Excerpt: Having the photoreceptors at the back of the retina is not a design constraint, it is a design feature. The idea that the vertebrate eye, like a traditional front-illuminated camera, might have been improved somehow if it had only been able to orient its wiring behind the photoreceptor layer, like a cephalopod, is folly. Indeed in simply engineered systems, like CMOS or CCD image sensors, a back-illuminated design manufactured by flipping the silicon wafer and thinning it so that light hits the photocathode without having to navigate the wiring layer can improve photon capture across a wide wavelength band. But real eyes are much more crafty than that. A case in point are the Müller glia cells that span the thickness of the retina. These high refractive index cells spread an absorptive canopy across the retinal surface and then shepherd photons through a low-scattering cytoplasm to separate receivers, much like coins through a change sorting machine. A new paper in Nature Communications describes how these wavelength-dependent wave-guides can shuttle green-red light to cones while passing the blue-purples to adjacent rods. The idea that these Müller cells act as living fiber optic cables has been floated previously. It has even been convincingly demonstrated using a dual beam laser trap.,,, ,,,In the retina, and indeed the larger light organ that is the eye, there is much more going on than just photons striking rhodopsin photopigments. As far as absorbers, there are all kinds of things going on in there—various carontenoids, lipofuscins and lipochromes, even cytochrome oxidases in mitochondria that get involved at the longer wavelegnths.,,, ,,In considering not just the classical photoreceptors but the entire retina itself as a light-harvesting engine,,, that can completely refigure (its) fine structure within a few minutes to handle changing light levels, every synapse appears as an essential machine that percolates information as if at the Brownian scale, or even below.,,, http://phys.org/news/2014-07-fiber-optic-pipes-retina-simple.html bornagain77
they are right that iD/YEC creationism or criticism is a revolution in these small circles that deal intellectually seriously with origin matters. ID/YEC is the talk of the town. its the only threatening revolution going on today and everyone must comment on its presence. University bosses, polticians, and everyone. its a famous rebuke and taps into historic Christian beliefs. So very important to civilization. they are afraid and they are right. We are watching then end of a wrong and dumb idea(s) in these matters. or we are watching the end of a most recent aggressive criticism./ this is not over until someone has hit the mat. Robert Byers
OT: Stephen Meyer - Responding to Critics: Marshall, Part 1 - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqYUoRVswRY bornagain77
Acartia_bogart, I think it's safe to say that their desperation is proportional to yours, but in opposite directions. Collin
We tour the waterfront in the summer. News
OK, linking to a 2006 web site. How desperate are you to cast doubt on evolution? Good luck with this. Acartia_bogart

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