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The Babylon Bee is in Twitter Jail…

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For your Saturday evening amusement, here are some of their latest stories:

Babylon Bee Writers Trying To Slowly Tunnel Out Of Twitter Jail Behind Poster Of Gina Carano “Some of the most ruthless and dangerous people on the planet are residents here in Twitter Jail,” said Warden Parag Agrawal. “We have Trump and O’Keefe in isolation. Alex Jones is in and out of the hole… I would be very surprised if these Babylon Bee pests escaped.”

Taliban Spokesman Finally Banned From Twitter After Sharing Babylon Bee Headline “Warda has apologized for the irresponsible tweet and has promised to stick to promoting the slavery and subjugation of women according to Sharia Law in the future.”

Adam Confused By New Creature God Put In Garden As He Is Not A Biologist

Kindergartener Granted PhD In Biology After Correctly Distinguishing Boy From Girl

Do You Know More About Basic Human Biology Than Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee? Take The Simple, One Question Quiz!

The Bee has not yet been kicked off YouTube.

How to start your day off right. With the BB. Meanwhile some of the threads at UD are controlled by “they.” How do you know? Any thread over 100 comments is nonsense and controlled by fluid theys. Anything sensible can be concluded in less than 50 comments.
The Bee has not yet been kicked off YouTube
The clock is ticking. jerry
Right out of 1984. Telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Vivid vividbleau
Yup kairosfocus

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