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The cosmologist the cosmos listens to?

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This morning an invite to a seminar popped into the News box:

When Neil Turok talks, the cosmos listens. Hear him on Nov. 19th

True, Neil Turok heads the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, which Stephen Hawking calls the pre-eminent centre for astrophysics in the world. True, Neil Turok filled halls across Canada when he gave the Massey Lecture last Fall.

But what makes the next Ramsay Luncheon speaker exceptional is his uncanny talent in explaining the unknowable and making it our own.

Earth to Turok’s publicist Bob Ramsay: It is actually possible to fill lecture halls across Canada without attracting much notice around the continent, let alone in the cosmos at large.

Some of us think that it would be better praise for the cosmologist if we can say, “When the cosmos talks, he listens.” Or is that too demeaning? But now, for which side? 😉

PS: No link because it was received but does not seem to be on line.

“When the cosmos talks, he listens.” Haha. Thanks News, that's the quote of the day from you! julianbre

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