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The Edge, a science thinksite, asks “The Last Question”

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Question Markas in “your last question, the question for which you will be remembered.” Some interesting answers (in the form of questions) emerge:

Can we program a computer to find a 10,000-bit string that encodes more actionable wisdom than any human has ever expressed? – Scott Aronson

Are complex biological neural systems fundamentally unpredictable? – Anthony Aguirre

Are the simplest bits of information in the brain stored at the level of the neuron? – Dorsa Amir

and many more. Everyone seems to be trying their hand on the 20th anniversary.

See also: CSICOP’s ridiculously out-of-date questions and answers on evolution show how far naturalism has fallen They don’t even keep up.

After scanning a dozen or so, I have only one question. How much did these people get paid to waste our time with untestable and trivial questions? polistra

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