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The Genetic Literacy Project confronts Darwin’s Descent of Man

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And starts to acknowledge some harsh realities that most Darwinists drown in a word salad of obfuscation:

Darwin’s intellectual legacy is part of the ‘DNA’ of modern genetics, within which still lurk — like malignant metaphorical retroviruses liable to revival and resurgence — many of the odious beliefs that plagued its past.

What follows, therefore, are a few brief illustrative examples of problematic passages in the Descent of Man. The point is not — as is common with many of Darwin’s detractors — to simply cherry-pick quotes to make Darwin look bad (although, unfortunately, this is easy to do); rather it is to highlight how Darwin himself struggled with the social implications of his theory — and this despite the many decades he had to dwell on these questions. Indeed, the rapid, recent explosion in our knowledge of genetics has not made the situation clearer, but rather more confused.

Patrick Whittle, “Viewpoint: Darwin’s ‘Descent of Man’ is both deeply disturbing and more relevant than ever” at Genetic Literacy Project

Of course, having confronted a few harsh realities, Whittle scuttles back to admiring the Master’s charming stories about tea-drinking monkeys. He slides around the fact that modern genetics hasn’t confirmed Darwinism at all.

But look, he even brought the subject UP honestly… It’s okay to do so now

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