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The March for Science is back, with diminished attention


From Giorgia Guglielmi, Rodrigo Pérez Ortega, T. V. Padma, Holly Else, Quirin Schiermeier & Barbara Casassus at Nature:

More than 250 cities around the world — from Mexico City to London to Mumbai — are hosting events. That’s fewer than last year, when marches in more than 600 cities drew about 1 million people. Still, this year’s overall turnout should be close to that of 2017, because many cities will host related events over the entire weekend, says Valerie Grover, satellite director of the main March for Science organization, who is based in Madison, Wisconsin.

This year’s events range from rallies to festivals, and include musical performances, teach-in sessions and expos hosted by March for Science’s partner organizations. That should make it easier for non-scientists to get involved, Grover says. More.

The thing is, who really cares? A March for Science is like a March for Decency or a March for Equality. The main questions are, what are you talking about and who really cares?

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I would hold a march for common sense, but common sense tells me not to. Mung

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