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The New Authoritarian Approach to Science Education — Dr. Alastair Noble


The UK Centre for Intelligent Design (C4ID) director, Dr. Alastair Noble, has published a new report on the C4ID website. He writes,

I participated in a series of short interviews on Sunday 25th September on a number of BBC Local Radio stations with James Williams, a lecturer in Science Education at the University of Sussex. The theme of the interviews was the recent statement from some 30 scientists, including Richard Dawkins and Sir David Attenborough, demanding that, among other things, intelligent design (ID) be banned from discussion in schools as a scientific proposition[1].

Williams has subsequently blogged about the encounter at WordPress.com.[2] Both in the interviews and in his blog, Williams is significantly confused about ID.  The current misrepresentation of intelligent design as ‘creationism’ and ‘not science’ militates against objective scientific enquiry and good science education.  In fact, it introduces an unwelcome element of propaganda.

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I visited Mr. Williams' site. He seems to think that the motivations of those who promote ID theory are germane as to whether or not it is a valid scientific theory. He spent a lot of space in his blog reiterating the common anti-ID straw men and trying to defend his collaboration with the Darwinian intellectual fascists. William J Murray

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