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The New Spontaneous Generationists


On this episode of ID the Future, Anika Smith interviews writer Robert Deyes on The New Spontaneous Generationists, who argue that “matter and energy somehow self-originated into complex forms without outside intelligence.” While we may have moved beyond expecting rats to materialize from garbage heaps and maggots from decaying meat, materialists today are trying to simulate the origin of first life without intelligent agency — and they’re failing. Listen in to learn why, and read Deyes’ article at ARN’s ID Report for more.

Thank you Mr Fox! Of course, atheists are the only ones capable of true altruism, since theists think they will be rewarded eventually for their good deeds! ;) Nakashima
Atheistic altruism, Nakashima-san? I guess English is not your first language, so may I point out that the phrase "I want to give you one" could get you into trouble if you are ever in England. Alan Fox
Mr Deyes, I saw your thread had no comments, so I wanted to give you one! I read your article. It doesn't mention any failures of scientists researching OOL. Why quote Dawkins from the 1980s when the man is not a working scientist? If you were aiming for polemic misdirection, you succeeded. Nakashima

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