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The Philadelphia Statement: Some scholars are fighting Cancel Culture



The Philadelphia Statement is much more than a document, it’s the catalyst for an ongoing, ideologically diverse movement working to build a culture where the open exchange of ideas is universally respected, and where civil discourse is widely practiced throughout our society. Amid increasingly visible threats to these principles, it is encouraging that a growing number of groups and individuals are lending their voice to protect the fundamental value of free speech. The Statement is a clarion call to act on these shared values by prizing free speech and civil discourse, while simultaneously resisting illiberal calls for censorship and blacklisting.

They probably don’t like the war on math or the war on science much. Or campus thugs.

In the long run, we probably need way fewer academics. But all of them should cherish intellectual freedom and despise Cancel Culture.

Students who don’t “feel safe” in the presence of ideas that trouble them should definitely receive compassionate help. But they should not be at a university.

Here’s who’s signed.

Won't matter unless they have their own thugs (ie private security and sleazy private investigators) to counter the other thugs with force and blackmail. Open letters don't fire bullets. polistra

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