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The real story about Templeton and ID? – an inhouse power struggle?

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Riffing off Joey Campana’s valuable backgrounder on the REAL relationship between the Templeton Foundation andID, Denyse O’Leary suggests that there is a power struggle  going on over at Templeton, with funding for ID as a key bone of contention. How else to reconcile the views of honcho Charles Harper and honchess Pamela Thompson? They are not singing from the same hymnbook.

What is the struggle? One person lies and says that ID is not backed up by science yet claims that ID is not blackballed by the TF The other person lies and says ID is not backed up by science and so she refuses ID for TF on grounds of non support of psuedo science. The first is being politically correct in a political climate where ID has a huge amount of support amongst the masses and probably many politicians. The other seems not to care about offending lots of people. Both are on the same page but they have a different approach when giving their view to the public. Either way they are both outrageous liars making them both scientific and spiritual frauds. Which is ironic since the TF is supposed to be about the synthesis of both. I've said it before and now again; the TF has nothing to do with the synthesis of science and spirituality, it's real purpose is in promoting the spiritual beliefs of it's leaders regardless of science or philosophy, they promote science which promotes their philosophy. They funded and promoted the study of Teilhard De Chardin's theology with the Vatican (even though De Chardin was condemned by the church he is still honored as some type of hero by the Jesuits http://www.jesuit.org/sections/default.asp?SECTION_ID=192&SUBSECTION_ID=251) "A provisional agenda in four headings: 1. Physics of the universe: scenarios for the long-range future: (A) Towards asymptopia: evolution of cosmic structure, death of stars, decay of atoms, formation and evaporation of black holes, behaviour near cosmological singularities, etc. What would an eternal cosmos be like at each era between the present and the final 'omega point'? (B) Possibility of sudden apocalypse: could our present space (if vacuum ismetastable) be converted catastrophically into a new kind of space, governed by different physical laws?" http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/pontifical_academies/acdscien/documents/rc_pa_acdscien_doc_20000912_far-future_en.html Omega point theology is from Teilhard De Chardin and echoed to great degree by George Coyne (Vatican astronomer). It teaches that the universe is evolving to an apotheosis, God is some kind of impersonal force which is evolving with us to some new kind of universe and new type of life. An intelligent designer with an intellect and a will to do things is against Omega Point theology, so ID goes directly against the philosophical stance of the TF. Their rejection and lies about ID are the consequence of their theology. They don't seek to bring science and religion together to get at universal truths, they seek to push their version of universal truth and themselves as spiritual leaders. They've shown themselves to be a complete scientific by their dishonest prattle about ID, that fraud is led by spiritually dishonest people with a big ego trip masquerading as seekers of truth. They are not seekers of truth , they are seekers of a following and of adulation as spiritual savants who we should look towards as our spiritual guides. mentok
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Now, if this was just another story about fabricated reporting at the New York Times, well, take a number and wait. Anyone who still treats the Times as a paper of record should choose their fiction from the fiction aisle. Well said. tribune7

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