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The tabloids have got the news: Einstein might be wrong

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In a free local Sun Media half tabloid, 24 Hours, we read “Proof against Einstein rocks scientific community” (November 21, 2011). This Toronto subway “universal distractor” allows us to know,

If confirmed, scientists say the findings may show that Einstein – seen as the father of modern physics – was wrong when he set out his theory of special relativity that the speed of light is a “cosmic constant” and nothing can go faster. This would force a major rethink of theories about the cosmos – and even mean it would be possible, in theory, to send information into the past.

So this (in a rag local to you as well, probably) is what your grandma’s personal care worker and that guy who flips burger at the greasy spoon are reading.

Why it matters? Because it will impact how much attention people think they should pay to the “assured results of modern science.”

Note: To read the linked story, you must click the calendar of page 21 and scroll to page 4. This is not a 5-star 21st century system. All the more significant that the proprietors think anyone cares about Einstein’s universe.


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