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The Vision Cascade is Initiated Not by Isomerization but by Force Field Dynamics

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As you read these words a frenzy of activity is taking place as the light entering your eye triggers a highly detailed sequence of actions, ultimately causing a signal to be sent to your brain. In fact, even a mere single photon can be detected in your vision system. It all starts with a photon interacting with a light-sensitive chromophore molecule known as retinal. The interaction alters the retinal molecule and this, in turn, influences the large, trans-membrane opsin protein to which the chromophore is attached. This is just the beginning of the cellular signal transduction cascade. In the next step the opsin causes the activation of hundreds of transducin molecules. These, in turn, cause the activation of cGMP phosphodiesterase (by removing its inhibitory subunit), an enzyme that degrades the cyclic nucleotide, cGMP.  Read more

The eyes do seem to be all about light allowing segregation of all objects etc of the universe to be seen and so understood. Yet what is seen still must be put into our minds. Its fine to say this triggers that yet what does it explain. Perhaps sight is about memory of light segregation. No picture, perhaps, is put in our minds but rather a memory of light segregation sequences. Just thinking. Robert Byers
I wonder how many molecules are light sensitive. And then I wonder how many light sensitive molecules it takes to make up a light sensitive patch.
The problem is not that skeptics cannot explain how evolution can create such designs, the problem is that evolutionists cannot explain it. Skepticism of evolution is not a consequence of ignorance, it is a consequence of the theory falling far short of its claims. The fact is evolutionary theory doesn’t work and evolutionary cover-ups are nothing more than theory protectionism.
Well said. Mung
Dr. Hunter, it seems that neo-Darwinists don't think they have to actually demonstrate how something came to be, they merely believe all they have to do is tack on the most superficial of 'just so' stories and then they consider themselves satisfied with what they consider their 'scientific' explanation. Evolution Vs. The Miracle Of The Eye - Molecular Animation http://www.metacafe.com/watch/4189562/ bornagain77

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