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This just in: Four-quark hadron

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Image showing the LHC beam pipe in the LHCb experimental cavern
Large Hadron Collider beam pipe/Anna Pantelia,CERN

From ScienceDaily:

Physicists have confirmed the existence of exotic hadrons — a type of matter that cannot be classified within the traditional quark model. “We’ve confirmed the unambiguous observation of a very exotic state — something that looks like a particle composed of two quarks and two anti-quarks,” said one of the scientists. “The discovery certainly doesn’t fit the traditional quark model. It may give us a new way of looking at strong-interaction physics.”


Mesons, baryons, and other kinds of particles that take part in strong interactions are called hadrons.

This classification remained virtually unchallenged until 2007, when an international team of 400 physicists and engineers known as the Belle Collaboration discovered an exotic particle called Z(4430), which appeared to have two quarks and two anti-quarks.

“Some experts argued that Belle’s initial analysis was naïve and prone to arrive at an unjustified conclusion,” says Skwarnicki, adding that other exotic states have since been observed. “As a result, many physicists concluded that there was no good evidence to prove this particle was real.”

But this experiment was the clincher. More.

Another enclosure in the particle zoo.

Updates here.

Note: This story to date is about physics as a science, and contains no multiverse speculations.

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