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Moshe Averick on Jerry Coyne’s god, Darwin Akbar!


In “Darwin Akbar! “Darwin is God, and I – Dr. Jerry Coyne – Am His Prophet!” (Part 1)” ( Algemeiner, April 24, 2012 ), Moshe Averick comments on evolutionary biologist Coyne’s recent article in an evolutionary biology mag, attacking religion in general – and upsetting the Darwin publicists who prefer to downplay that side of Darwinism:

I have no intention of getting involved in the debate about neo-Darwinian theory, I will leave that to people with the proper expertise; the purpose of this article is to expose the attitudes of materialistic scientists like Coyne, who in their atheistic zeal attempt to squelch free expression and the open exchange of ideas. Coyne asks his readers:

“Why do Americans hate evolution?…the answer seems pretty clear: religion…there is much evidence that America’s resistance to evolution is truly a byproduct of America’s extreme religiosity …evolution of course contravenes many common religious beliefs – not just those involving Biblical literalism, but those involved with morality, meaning, and human significance.”

What Dr. Coyne has written above is very misleading. Much of what he calls “America’s resistance to evolution” is not resistance to evolution at all. He himself quotes a study that found that nearly 40% of all Americans accept a “guided” evolution (theistic evolution). The problem is that this is not good enough for Coyne. He insists on an atheistic version of evolutionary theory; oddly enough, he insists that this ideological stance is the only scientifically valid version of evolution:

[Theistic evolution is] unscientific, since biologists see humans, like any other species, as having evolved by purely naturalistic processes. There’s a reason after all, why Darwin’s greatest idea was called “natural” selection. …

It seems to me that this conflating of atheistic ideology and scientific data raises serious doubts regarding Coyne’s objectivity and credibility.

Yes, and 78% of evolutionary biologists agree with Coyne.

Evolutionary biology is, in its present state, a pseudoscience – history pretending to be science. As such, it was bound to attract cranks, in this case atheist cranks.

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