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Thousands of Denisovan tools found, also bracelets and tiaras?

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From 50,000 years ago? We didn’t even know Denisovans existed before 2010. Now:

Excavations at the Denisova cave in Siberia have uncovered almost 80,000 stone artefacts that extinct humans left over a 150,000-year period. Collectively, they seem to show how technology developed by Denisovans evolved through the Stone Age, culminating with the production of spectacular bracelets, beads and tiaras about 50,000 years ago.

Colin Barras, “Thousands of Denisovan tools reveal their Stone Age technologies” at New Scientist

But where are the subhumans? In any Darwinian scheme, someone must be the subhuman. Otherwise, there is no beginning to human history.

This is all that remains of a tiara (so far):

Note: If the artifacts are very numerous, maybe AI can help with examination. See, for example, Can AI helps us decipher lost languages? Sometimes it comes down to a question of time. Who wants to spend their life deciphering thousands of cuneiform tablets or examining thousands of fragments of tools? With enough data, automation of some of that job may be possible, giving equivalent results for analysis sooner.

Jewelry says that the culture and economy were stable enough and organized enough to provide leisure time. You don't waste effort on decoration when you're scratching for a little food and moving fast to avoid enemies. polistra
Aligns well with YeC creation science once one understands all the science in max avail context, The ice ages spanned from 1657 till about 1996 anno mundi, as set it cause in effect due to the Mabul impacts year, aka global flood by Noach, when those caves were formed, so that 150k asserted habitation span calibrates to under 340 years and about 10 generations, culminating just prior to the dispersion from Bavel. Which was under 4k YA just prior to the founding of Egypt by Mizrayim b. Ham (consensus inflates that by 1 Sothic cycle, 1400 years rounded..) reference the YeC Moshe Emes series for Torah and science alignment. Pearlman

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