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UD News away till October 30


Needing to finish up a manuscript for Christian Darwinism (Broadman and Holman, 2014), a book co-authored with Bill Dembski, the News desk needs to focus, focus, focus.

It would be a good thing if Christian Darwinism (as at American Scientific Affilation – the “consensus science” folks – and BioLogos) were dead by the time the book lands, in which case it will be a great “lesson learned” on how NOT to integrate science with one’s faith.

Take, for example, this piece by David Anderson this morning: “So what is bad for the next generation may be good for our species in general.”

Try that reasoning with anything other than Darwinism and what do we get?

“So what is bad for the next generation may be good for our schools in general.”

“So what is bad for the next generation may be good for our country in general.”

When we evaluate the statement not against the fashionable counterfactual nonsense that Darwinists and Christian Darwinists urge us to accept but against a known reality, it is revealed for what it is – idiocy.

But as long as the grants are available and people don’t have enough information to ask the right questions … well, that is why Bill and I are writing the book. To empower, through information, Christians who don’t spend a lot of time at blogs like Uncommon Descent to resist the flood tide of nonsense (that only ever existed to promote atheism) as it starts to wash into their churches. – Denyse

PS: If our great guys don’t post enough to keep you happy, leave complaints in the combox, and shame them into it. Back October 30.

@News: Here, I've wrote the manuscript for you. And it just took me a few seconds: A "christian darwinist" ist self contradictory. He is no better than an atheist: - No belief that god created life. - No belief that the first humans were Adam and Eve and lived approx. 6000 years ago. - No belief that Noah's flood was global and real. It's just another step in transforming Christendom into a purely pagan religion by the one who rules this world. Tobi JWTruthInLove
OT: "[T]he characteristic network of veins found in the wings of grasshoppers helps to capture cracks, similar [in design] to watertight compartments in a ship." (Transparent, Thin and Tough: Why Don't Insect Wings Break? ScienceDaily, Aug. 21, 2012) http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/08/120822181255.htm bornagain77
Well, I'm sad to hear that but I guess some things can't be helped. I look forward to your return and all the best with the book. Blue_Savannah
Looking forward to the new book Denyse. julianbre
You folks will be missed, hurry back. coresa

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