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Vital arm of the Wedge on YouTube


Access Research Network (ARN) is a great place for serious ID enthusiasts. In fact, even Darwinists like Barbara Forrest and Paul Gross give their endorsement:

ARN [Access Research Network]….offers a host of resources, many of which may be downloaded without cost….

ARN is a treasure trove of ID materials…a vital arm of the Wedge…

Forrest and Gross,
Creationism’s Trojan Horse

Thus, I’m pleased to announce that ARN has just recently loaded 62 video clips available on YouTube. Feel free to check out these 62 wonderful ID clips.


My personal favorite is Privileged Planet

I also recommend, The Incorrigible Dr. Berlinski (part 1) where Berlinski describes how the great scientist von Neumann laughed and hooted at Darwinian theory.

And here is one clip I was unaware of which would be of interest to the ultra-enthusiasts: The Biotic Message by Walter ReMine.

There are many others. Enjoy!

Berlinski is a major threat for darwinists because he IS NOT religious. kairos
Thanks for the links. Very interesting and informative. I especially like Dr. Berlinski. Haha. If there is one man out there that could potentially reduce Ken Miller or Richard Dawkins to tears a during debate, it would probably be Dr. Berlinski. Does Berlinski have his own blog? He should write articles on Uncommon Descent. dougcampo
Jerry, Thanks for the correction and the info! Salvador scordova
Salvador, The "Explore Evolution" book is definitely not a college level text book. I bought it and it looks like a companion book to a first level high school biology book. It is very simplistic in its approach but good. I believe it is meant as a replacement for Pandas and People. jerry
"I was really hoping the Darwinist blog sphere would go into a tizzy and accuse me of quote mining." That's their favorite hobby. But don't you think that's entrapment? ;-) Borne
Dr. Cordova, That is because Forrest and Gross are merely bishops while Darwin is the Son of Gaia, the Earth Mother Made Flesh (er... except with different naughty bits... sorry about that Charlie, old chap). angryoldfatman
For the record, I was only being facetious in saying Forrest and Gross gave their endorsement of ARN. They did write the words I quoted, but they certainly weren't saying ARN was a good thing for their Darwinist world. I was really hoping the Darwinist blog sphere would go into a tizzy and accuse me of quote mining. I mean, when I quoted Darwin as saying, "I beat a puppy, I believe, simply from enjoying the sense of power," in no wise was I being totally serious (even though Darwin did say those words). Those guys are so humor challenged. scordova
Any idea when will "The Design of life" get published? IDist
Since we're on the topic of Forrest and Gross, here are some of the predictions in their book in which have come to fruition. I'd like to thank them publicly for all that they've done to promote the ID movement.
Dembski recently indicated hopes for ID recruits from high schools and colleges: "My commitment is to see intelligent design flourish as a scientific research program....To do that, I need a new generation of scholars willing to consider this, because the older generation is largely hidebound. So I would like to see textbooks, certainly at the college level and even at the high school level, which reframe introductory biology within a design paradigm."
There are two college text books as a matter of fact: Explore Evolution and The Design of Life 2. And more from Forrest and Gross:
The recruits may not be long coming. The Wedge has already acquired two groups of college followers, the Intelligent Design Undergraduate Research Center (IDURC) and the Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Club. The IDURC has become a division of Access Research Network and promotes Wedge books and other products through links to ARN's website and to commercial sites like Amazon.com..... The IDEA Center's advisory board consists of Wedge members Phillip Johnson, William Dembski, Michael Behe, Jonathan Wells, Jay Wesley Richards, Mark Hartwig, and Francis Beckwith; Dennis Wagner executive director of Access Research Network...... The Wedge has always had as a goal the insertion of ID courses into the university curriculum
IDEA and IDURC have been involved in advancing ID. Also, here are 100+ reports of ID in both private and secular universities (from ResearchID.org): ID at the academy scordova
And here is one clip I was unaware of which would be of interest to the ultra-enthusiasts: The Biotic Message by Walter ReMine.
That was a happy surprise :) IDist
Choice. This is good! Robo
Bevets, Thanks! I encourage the readers to see from the ARN collection,: Guillermo Gonzalez (5 minutes) It was for speeches like this Gonzalez was punished at Iowa State University. In fact, this is the most provactive speech I've ever heard Gonzalez deliver. scordova
Obligatory Plug bevets

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