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What About the Other 57 Genders?

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This is the lede from an April 23 article in Science News:

I don’t understand this at all. The article purports to account for all deaths. Yet it states the death tolls only for “men” and “women.” The question that goes entirely unaddressed — much less answered — is how many deaths there have been among the other 57 genders? The trans- homo- bi- phobic editors of that journal must be called out and shamed for this callous inequity. It is a national tragedy that deaths among these groups are apparently not even being tracked, let alone analyzed.

Sarcasm ends. Here is the headline from the article:

So science tells us that gender in humans is binary and the biological differences between men and women matter. Who wooda thunk it?

The concept of gender fluidity is an intellectual contagion that can thrive only in an environment where advancing frivolous, even outrageous, ideas has limited immediate practical consequences on people’s health. The faculty lounge of the average college humanities department for instance. In an environment where getting it right has life and death consequences — such as a public health crisis — such ideas fade rapidly into irrelevance, like a nasty virus shriveling and dying in the noonday sun.

Polistra is making a critical (non-sarcastic ;) ) point at 3. Because, in most cultures across the world, women tend to outlive men, we need to know the ages at death of the deceased before we can determine whether there is a specific COVID-19 effect - as opposed to: "Who is still alive in an especially vulnerable age group, so as to become a target?" Denyse OLeary
Actually, no immune explanation is needed. The death curve for this "special" flu, like the ordinary non-special seasonal flu, is pretty much the same as normal life expectancy curves. It kills people who are expected to die this year. In those age ranges, men die first. polistra
As, last I heard, it was 112. KF kairosfocus
Ask daveS if he trusts that 59 genders is "somewhere close to the truth." :) Andrew asauber

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