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Why are infants smarter than computers?

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Serious thinkers attempt to answer the question re intelligence:

Prominent AI engineer François Chollet (right) pointed out in a recent open access research paper that adaptability is what characterizes human intelligence. We generalize from the known to the unknown without prior programming and do not get stuck very often in endless feedback loops.

News, “Which is smarter? Babies or AI? Not a trick question” at Mind Matters News

Even infants learn to generalize without programming and do not get stuck in endless feedback loops. But teaching AI to do that is easier said than done because it is bound up with the hard problem of consciousness.

That said, Chollet has some interesting ideas for new ways of understanding intelligence, especially his Algorithmic Information Theory.

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2 Replies to “Why are infants smarter than computers?

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    martin_r says:

    “Why are infants smarter than computers?”

    it is simple…. an infant is way advanced design, but honestly, these two can’t be even compared. You can’t compare an engineering masterpiece (an infant) to something so ridiculously primitive ( a man-made computer )

    PS: a man-made computer is primitive in every possible way (how it is built, how it operates, how it is powered, and so on …)

  2. 2
    martin_r says:


    “The rise of ‘pseudo-AI’: how tech firms quietly use humans to do bots’ work”

    a good AI joke (from the article):

    How to start an AI startup

    1. Hire a bunch of minimum wage humans to pretend to be AI pretending to be human

    2. Wait for AI to be invented

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