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Would IDists be denied diplomas? Another persecution in the making…


Akron Biology Faculty Members Decry Daniel Ely

Indeed, if undergraduate majors in our biology department revealed such profound misconceptions about basic evolutionary biology we would have serious misgivings about conferring their degrees in biology.

We can add Dan Ely to the names of Richard Sternberg, Guillermo Gonzalez, Michael Behe, Scott Minnich, William Dembski, Nancy Bryson, Caroline Crocker, etc.

Dr. Ely is a cardio-vascular physiologist. Regarding physiology of the heart, it is abundantly clear there are not even very good theoretical Darwinian transitionals between the major architectures of the heart. See: The Vertebrate Animal Heart: Unevolvable, whether Primitive or Complex (there were some simplifications, such as no mention of lungfish hearts, but the conclusion would be the same).

I invite the undergrads to question signatories of the letter and ask them what do the theoretical transitionals look like for hearts? I’m quite confident, the students will see that the facts are on Dr. Ely’s side. Weeks, Niewiarowski and Parks can give their non-answers to the students question and then threaten the students with denial of diplomas if they don’t stop questioning Darwinian theory…

(thanks to Richard Hoppe of PT and RSR for bringing attention to the above letter)

Just read the link. Wow. Talk about enforced orthodoxy. Whew! Using this kind of energy to destroy heterodox views betrays desperation on the part of the Darwinists. Based on the level of desperation demonstrated, I would say the end to Darwinism is not that far away. 'Descrepancies'? What 'descrepancies'? Yipes! PaV
There's already a post going on this article. The post is entitled: "Where Are the Transitional Forms?" PaV
This is a bit offtopic, just spotted this article regading a family that walks on all fours. What interested me was the conclusion what the scientists jumped to. It would be interesting to apply ID type thinking to this discovery. http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=31&art_id=qw1141734423814B236 vpr
The authors of the letter (Weeks, Niewiarowski and Park) seem to be conceding that the evolutionary paradigm has little heuristic value, at least for Ely's physiological/medical research. They write: "In addition, while Dr. Ely’s work may be of interest in an evolutionary context, he has not pursued such interpretations. Strictly speaking, Dr. Ely is working on factors on the Y-chromosome that affect hypertension. His research is primarily aimed at delineating physiological mechanisms by which they operate. Although some of the sequence work that has been done to assay the genetic underpinnings of hypertension could be used in an evolutionary biology study, his work does not specifically test any evolutionary theories." So, Eugenie, the sky isn't falling... Lutepisc

Darwinian Circular Reasoning

It is obvious that Dr. Ely has no formal education in evolutionary biology because of his poor understanding of evolutionary biology. We know Dr. Ely has a poor understanding because he criticizes evolutionary biology. And anyone educated in evolutiona...

Teleological Blog
PS. Would Dr. Stephen C. Weeks, Dr. Peter Niewiarowski, and Dr. Lisa Park, (paleontologist) accept the same conclusions Daniel come to if those were said by an evolutionary trained scientist like, oh I don't know, Dr Richard Sternberg, Ph.D? Mats
"it is abundantly clear that Dr. Ely has a poor understanding of evolutionary biology." We want to make it clear that Dr. Ely is not an evolutionary biologist Dr. Ely is NOT an evolutionary biologist Rather, Dr. Ely is a physiologist whose religious beliefs have caused him to seek out non-existent “discrepancies” in evolution . he has an agenda to disprove evolution because, in his mind, it conflicts with his religious beliefs. There's the genetic fallacy again. Either way, Dr. Ely’s testimony is disingenuous. After reading this you almost feel as if Daniel killed someone. Mats

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