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Yes, the Cornell conference did happen and yes you are free to read the papers

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News writer Denyse O’Leary at Cornell/ Laszlo Bencze


Theodosius heard I had said that Darwinists might try to stop the papers from the 2011 Cornell conference on biological information from getting out.

“Might” is half right. They have done this stuff in the past.

See, it’s all Darwin’s mob have got now. Stuff that challenges the Thumbsmen’s mantra that natural selection acting on random mutation is responsible for most or all of the history of life is exploding out of every corner so all they can do is exert pressure on publishers to silence it and speculate baselessly about the motives of people whose motives they never ask directly.

Yes, there was a Cornell conference, yes, I was there, and yes, it was most interesting, especially the young scientists who were taking a risk by being there, to learn an unapproved but evidence-supported history of life.

One of them approached me one evening to ask, how do you keep going as a journalist all these years (facing, among other things, attacks by these foul all-Thumbs ignoramuses)? The best I could respond was, when you are a hack writer, you face a choice.

You can write what people expect to hear and all the easy phrases come unbidden into your mind—and soon onto your lips or into your writing. Other people tell the story for you and if you are half decent at the job, the cheques just sail into your bank account.

That’s one way. But is that all there is to writing? To life? Really?

The other way is, you stumble onto a story. Hush! That’s a real live story, running down the alley, hoping to get away from all the people who would misrepresent it.

So you chase it, you catch up with it, stop it, and say, gotcha! I won’t hurt you, but you are my story now. And I will follow you wherever you may go.

And you can be dam sure I won’t misrepresent you because, the truth is, I could have done that long since, with any story, for money. I was looking for a real story and you are one for sure.

Many real stories go unchased because the costs are too high. I have seen Christian journalists wimp out of stories about ID vs. Darwinism on that precise account. It is so much easier to mouth fleabitten mantras like “There is no conflict between faith and science,” when in the context, they mean there is no conflict between Christianity and atheist materialism. And they hope no one’ll notice.

I did notice. But then, I had also caught the story. Hack journalism? Yes. Oh, hey, it is the air I breathe.

Read the Cornell papers, hate and denounce them if you like, but be grateful if you live in a place where you are allowed to.

Okay, I am now going to post a bunch of Thumb-free news.

My fear is though that we will go from one just so story to another until the new one finally crumbles under the weight of evidence as well. In some ways, I hope Darwinism dies a slow death. As the evolutionists continue to try and prop it up and plug the growing number of holes, it will be clear for all to see what is happening. But if they quickly replace it with a new just so story, it might be a while until the holes become visible and more people could very well be sucked in just as happened with Darwinism. tjguy
I have been of the opinion for some time that all materialist explanations of life, including neo-darwinism, are doomed. The evidence continues to pile up, the arguments continue to be refined and are ever so gradually seeping into younger minds who don't have careers based upon the lie of materialism and its biological expression. As Max Planck said, "A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." The point being that if one has a vested interest in the status quo no amount of evidence or argumentation will change your mind. But younger people do not have this vested interest. They are more interested in the truth than in maintaining an obvious fiction. Dawkins, Coyne, and the rest of the dare I say morons who say the most ridiculous things on a regular basis are going down with the ship and that's all there is to it. I also predict, that if there is anybody around in fifty years or so (and possibly a lot sooner, who can say?) they will consider the whole evolution deal from Darwin to the present to be the biggest intellectual fraud in the history of science. Unfortunately, its ill effects on society are incalculable. But it's doomed. It's game over and anybody with even a modicum of intellectual integrity knows it. Kudos to the Dembski's, Meyer's, Behe's, etc... of the world who took great risks with their careers to challenge the status quo. You may not see the day when total victory is achieved but it's on the way. tgpeeler

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