7 Replies to “Yet Another Defective Chinese Product Recall: This Time, It’s Big Ticket.

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    DLH says:

    This provided users the unique ability to be blind sided whether they were coming or going!

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    irreducible_complacency says:

    DLH just like the darwinist fantasy!

    I have a friend that is admittedly a bit crazy, believes in evolution and sees orbs in every photo (says they are spirits or ghosts or something, has a huge collection).

    He just told me that he sees an orb in this picture just over the hood of the DarwinMobile. Was wondering if anyone else sees it? It is not spherical like many are and my friend claims this means something.

  3. 3
    Tim says:

    A Mercedes Benz — is it real, or just sloppy,
    Or a step-wise, mutant, selected jalopy?
    Circular reasons (and driving!)
    Permit evo-mat’s thriving.
    Or, does chirality matter? Let’s go ask Mr. Gloppy.

  4. 4
    bFast says:

    Finch, you are twisted!

  5. 5
    DLH says:

    Ignoble laureate Frantic Crack writes:

    “Designers must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not evolved, but rather designed.”

  6. 6
    mike1962 says:

    It looks great for parallel parking.

  7. 7
    bFast says:

    mike1962, “It looks great for parallel parking.”

    That’s it! Back in the caveman era, the biggest challenge facing young drivers was parallel parking. As such it is perfectly natural that nature would evolve a vehicle that was easier to parallel park. Like duh!

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