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You Cannot Make This Stuff Up, Part 3

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In your idiotic ideas file you no longer have to go back to the ancient myths, or even to centuries-old folly such as bloodletting, for we now have evolution–an idea that is promoted at this very time. One of the many inanities of evolution is its serendipity. If evolution is true, then we must believe that all manner of complex biological structures and machinery evolved (somehow) for one function, only then to enable new, revolutionary advancements to occur. Call it evolution’s Law of Unintended Consequences.  Read more
Dr. Hunter, I found it humorous one of the commenters pointed to Exaptation on Wiki as a valid reference to refute you. Or Preadaptation From the first paragraph...
"For many years the phenomenon was labeled "preadaptation," but since this term suggests forethought, which is contrary to a basic principle of natural selection, it has been replaced by other terms in the years after Darwin."
So, kinda like renaming of terrorist attacks into "man-made disasters," the "ugly" truth remains after Orwellian attempts of cover-up. Darwinist are great wordsmiths and story tellers with an artistic calling for absraction. It reminds me of NCSE's Nick Matzke warning another scientist not to use "design" words. LOL... By all means, use Exaptation, Cooption and Preadaptation. These terms are ID friendly fromt the start :) LOL... DATCG
Cornelius, regarding some of the comments on your blog page for this topic... Ever wonder why it is, that in many cases, it is only fundy evolutionists who are so ready to accuse an ID supporter of "misunderstanding" science, evolution (or whatever)...and why that accusation only comes at times when some evidence has been shown or a point made that threatens their precious macroevolutionary faith? Bantay

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