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You naive, stupid Americans! — With love and best wishes, Eugenie Scott

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On May 21st, I wrote an item on this blog titled “Sorry, kids, but you’re just too stupid” (go here), which described one rationale by Darwinists to exclude the teaching of intelligent design in the public schools, namely, kids are too stupid to understand the issues raised by evolutionary theory so that bringing up intelligent design will only confuse them further. I find this argument outrageous because (1) evolution, with regard to its basic mechanisms, is not rocket science — it is readily grasped; (2) kids rise to the occasion when they are challenged– the problem with so much of contemporary education is that it is dummied down and boring.

Listening to NPR this morning while going through a car wash, I heard Eugenie Scott extend this exclusionary argument, urging real scientists not to debate the merits of intelligent design in public because most Americans are “naive.” Yes, her choice of word exactly — “naive.” You naive, stupid Americans! Let us enlightened intellectual bigots lead you by the nose for your own good. And, just remember, if you persist in disbelieving evolution, Daniel Dennett has his cultural zoos in place ready to quarantine you.

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    Benjii says:

    Bill, I’ve tried e-mailing you before via design inference. It didn’t work! Please tell me your e-mail. How can I reach you in order to ask the most important questions regarding ID.

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    Charlie says:

    Eugenie would likely concur that the polls usually show America to be about 88% stupid.
    The litmus test being “Do you believe in unguided, unprompted, naturalistic evolution?”.

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    g arago says:

    Dr. Dembski,

    You are walking into my domain, step by step. Perhaps without knowing it. Leader of the IDM, strolling into unfamiliar territory, where such theories are numb.

    Charlie, PtPAU, did you just say Americans are ‘88% stupid’? This couldn’t possibly be true! Brittney, Eminem and Tom Cruise are your (that) nation’s role models. Surely this is an intellectual, nay, ‘intelligent’ bunch. (C’mon, this is humour! :->)

    Kids are certainly not too stupid (POD speaks louder than me). But they should be presented with the best available ‘knowledge’ in a science class, in a philosophy class or when studying theology. It’s too bad such things are far from the norm in American public schools. Leave it to the IDM to blame biologists and the National Center for Science Education for following the evidence where it leads!

    “Do the Evolution” – Pearl Jam
    ‘Disbelieving Evolution’ – WD, IDM

    Cultural zoo, William in Kentucky, what say you?

    Reporting for duty…



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    nostrowski says:

    And yet they let these morons vote.

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    DaveScot says:

    Must be a constant source of cognitive dissonance for Arago when he considers that the United States is the world’s only superpower.

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    hugh williams says:

    The following is an article, received this morning from “Medical News Today”, that should be of interest here. The title “Drug Resistance May Travel Same Path As Quorum Sensing”.

    Based on this study, it doesn’t appear that random mutation has much to do with the bacteria’s ability to develop antibiotic resistance.

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