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Michael Behe on UK’s The Mind Renewed

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Michael Behe’s interview with The Mind Renewed. This week, TMR are joined by Dr. Michael J. Behe, professor of biochemistry at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, for an in-depth (and sometimes slightly technical) interview on the theory of Intelligent Design (ID). Author of two iconic books on ID – Darwin’s Black Box, and The Edge of Evolution – Dr. Behe explains how his research into the complexity of biological systems at the molecular level led him to question the adequacy of the Darwinian paradigm, and why he now believes that the data point towards Intelligent Design.

TMR also discuss empirical research indicating the limits of Darwinian processes, the logical status of ID theory, and Dr. Behe responds to objections to ID raised at the famous Kitzmiller vs. Dover court case of 2005.

Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

AMEN. tHats what it is. its finding by scientific research exactly what the old ones found by mere logical deduction. That a watch found in the forest could only be created by a thinking being and not cause and effect of raw materials bumping into each other. Irreducible complexity means just that except that forensics on the atomic structures of livings things demands the same conclusion as the found watch. Exactly what the bible says. Its too complicated to be self creating by chance. Obviously. Robert Byers

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