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Refereed science journal article argues for irreducible complexity

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Why don’t they just revoke the science creds of anyone who thinks there is more to know than Darwin ((“the best idea anyone ever had”) did?

Alternatively, life has moved on.

Muskhelishvili et al, CMLS (2013) Ian Thompson
This finding of the irreducible complexity of semantics/syntax within DNA, reminded me of pgs. 33-40 of the following book (which I found to be pleasure to read by the way),, A Meaningful World: How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature - Wiker & Witt http://www.amazon.com/Meaningful-World-Sciences-Reveal-Genius/dp/0830827994 ,,,In those pages, Wiker and Witt humorously deconstruct Dawkins' 'Methinks it is like a weasel' phrase and show that the 'weasel' phrase actually backfires in a big way for Dawkins in that when the phrase has its meaning properly derived from the whole of the Hamlet play, as it rightly should be, the phrase means actually something to the effect of someone being easily led astray by another. A meaning that I'm sure Dawkins never intended to convey for his supposed proof for evolution! :) Somewhat related notes: Multidimensional Genome - Dr. Robert Carter - video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/8905048/ What Is The Genome? It's Not Junk! - Dr. Robert Carter - video http://www.metacafe.com/watch/8905583/ bornagain77
Wow, would be an fascinating read for many. Shame it is behind a paywall. Ah well. Off topic but I saw this interesting article the other day: rna-editing-sites Another link seeing as I read a few posts on here (although can't remember where) about DNA and the similarities with computer code: programming-chemistry bw
amazing finding, it is refreshing to see some real science in molecular biology every once in a while that dares goes where the evidence leads instead of, instead of,,, well you know,,,. Refereed scientific article on DNA argues for irreducible complexity - October 2, 2013 Excerpt: This paper published online his summer is a true mind-blower showing the irreducible organizational complexity (author’s description) of DNA analog and digital information, that genes are not arbitrarily positioned on the chromosome etc.,, ,,,First, the digital information of individual genes (semantics) is dependent on the the intergenic regions (as we know) which is like analog information (syntax). Both types of information are co-dependent and self-referential but you can’t get syntax from semantics. As the authors state, “thus the holistic approach assumes self-referentiality (completeness of the contained information and full consistency of the different codes) as an irreducible organizational complexity of the genetic regulation system of any cell”. In short, the linear DNA sequence contains both types of information. Second, the paper links local DNA structure, to domains, to the overall chromosome configuration as a dynamic system keying off the metabolic signals of the cell. This implies that the position and organization of genes on the chromosome is not arbitrary,,, http://www.christianscientific.org/refereed-scientific-article-on-dna-argues-for-irreducibly-complexity/ bornagain77

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