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Podcasts: Richard Sternberg, on junk DNA

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Richard Sternberg:

I am an evolutionary biologist with interests in the relation between genes and morphological homologies, and the nature of genomic “information.” I hold a Ph.D. in Biology (Molecular Evolution) from Florida International University and a Ph.D. in Systems Science (Theoretical Biology) from Binghamton University. From 2001-2007, I served as a staff scientist at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, and from 2001-2007 I was a Research Associate at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. I am presently a research scientist at the Biologic Institute, supported by a research fellowship from the Center for Science and Culture at Discovery Institute. I am also a Research Collaborator at the National Museum of Natural History.

On Human Origins: Is Our Genome Full of Junk DNA? Part I

On Human Origins: Is Our Genome Full of Junk DNA? Part II

Also, a vid from 2009 might be of interest:

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Hat tip: Phillip Cunningham

Podcast: Richard Sternberg - " On Human Origins: Is Our Genome Full of Junk DNA? Part 3" http://intelligentdesign.podomatic.com/entry/2014-11-17T14_14_33-08_00 bornagain77
jstanley @4 Good grief! Is that what is meant by open scientific inquiry? It would be interesting to hear from the other side. Edward
For those like me who didn't know who he is, here's an informative autobiographical sketch by Sternberg... How My Views on Evolution Evolved (pdf) So he was the editor of Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington whose acceptance in 2004 of a paper by Stephen Meyers on the Cambrian explosion set into motion what Sternberg calls, "a David Lynch adaptation of a Kafka novel." Interesting... jstanley01
here is another interesting link of Sternberg: Whale Evolution Vs. Population Genetics - Richard Sternberg PhD. in Evolutionary Biology – video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85kThFEDi8o Evolution And Probabilities: A Response to Jason Rosenhouse - August 2011 Excerpt: The equations of population genetics predict that – assuming an effective population size of 100,000 individuals per generation, and a generation turnover time of 5 years – according to Richard Sternberg’s calculations and based on equations of population genetics applied in the Durrett and Schmidt paper, that one may reasonably expect two specific co-ordinated mutations to achieve fixation in the timeframe of around 43.3 million years. When one considers the magnitude of the engineering fete, such a scenario is found to be devoid of credibility. https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/intelligent-design/evolution-and-probabilities-a-response-to-jason-rosenhouse/ bornagain77
The OP links aren't working due to a bandwidth overrun. These work for streaming: Part 1 Part 2 jstanley01
Part II was particularly interesting. bornagain77

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