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The ballad of junk DNA

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An unknown poet’s riff on “junk DNA”, arrived by post at the top secret UD bunker in an undisclosed, unimaginable location:

(Would go well to tune of “Way Up on Old Smoky” – here. Try it! )

On top of our genome
All covered with cash,
I see BioLogos
And they’re talkin’ trash.

They think that our genome
Is almost all junk,
So Darwin was brilliant,
And ID is bunk.

Charles Darwin’s their hero –
They trust him like God.
They think other Christians
Are really quite odd.

‘Cause most other Christians
Are much more inclined
To think God creates us
And our genome’s designed.

Now a flood of new data
Shows “junk” is not junk:
The non-coding regions
Are not what we thunk.

They have many functions;
We keep finding more.
BioLogos’ trash talk
Is wrong to its core.

So come all ye people
And listen to me:
Never place your affection
In a Darwinist tree.

For the leaves they will wither,
And the roots they will die,
And you’ll be forsaken,
And never know why.

[Will this poet starve? Maybe, he seems so normal, like Stompin’ Tom. And isn’t the average “coffee” house into Darwin chic? (You mindless bundle of chemically tormented neurons!) But around here, he’s poet laureate … (oh, look it up!) UD news staff don’t provide free homework for science nerds.]

Here is a song for our unknown poet of Shakespearean caliber! :) Phoebe Snow~Poetry Man - misic video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OxTVxGhHFM bornagain77
[C] On top of old [F] Smokie, all covered in [C] snow, I lost my true [G7] lover, by courtin' too [C] slow [C] On top of old [F] Smokie, I went there to [C] weep For a false hearted [G7] lover, is worse than a [C] thief [C] A thief he will [F] rob you, and take what you [C] save But a false hearted [G7] lover, will put you in your [C] grave
Sounds like Christian Darwinism to me. :-( GilDodgen
Here I've worked out the guitar cords: D G On top of our genome D All covered with cash, A7 I see BioLogos D And they’re talkin’ trash. (Repeat for all other verses) Gil, I'm working on cording for an alternate tune to Mozart's Queen of the Night Aria. Will that work? CannuckianYankee
I'm not a big fan of poetry (I prefer the piano concerti of Mozart and Brahms concerning artistic expression), but this is precious. GilDodgen
I think that first line was supposed to be: Oh where oh where has our MathGrrl gone, lol. But how am i gonna make "probability calculation" rhyme with that!? Mung
Oh where oh where can our MathGrrl be, O where oh where can she be, She confused a log reduction with a probability, and bombed when it came to ev. Apologies to any true poets here =P Mung

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