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Do you know somebody who is eligible for one of these?


We support the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who remove themselves from it.  Of necessity, this honor is generally bestowed posthumously.

It’s the Darwin Award! 😆

Actually, I need to contribute further, on Plato, and perhaps Plato and ID=what a study! Eric idadvisors
Thaxton and Orgel too!!!!!!!! idadvisors
I'll remove myself from the genome--my work is done over @ researchID.org, the essay is complete, rogerwillco! (that guy Joey is some advisor/handler aye????) As I've said to Joey "the intent is to make biologists walking down the hall stop and think "What have I done?" "Only intelligence causes CSI and DNA contains CSI." Eric Peterson ps thank you William, M.Behe, and D. Berlinski: you have made me a better metaphysician!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(and Joey) idadvisors
Kvwells, "Just a thought, but Joni Eareckson Tada would probably have “earned” a darwin award had she died in her diving accident, rather than become a parapalegic." Joni is certainly a grand example of the best of humanity. Question, however, was it her life-struggle that moulded her into the grand example that she has become? If so, then darwinism migh should lead us in the direction of having to face life and death situations because they sometimes allow us to become better human beings. bFast
Just a thought, but Joni Eareckson Tada would probably have "earned" a darwin award had she died in her diving accident, rather than become a parapalegic. Many would consider her one of the better examples of what it means to be Human. Wendy Northcutt et al continue to make their money from the (barely) human need to feel superior to others, and one could wonder how these folks rate themselves on the scale of humanity, when they examine their life's work. I am no less a fool than some WN writes about, I'm sure, but I wouldn't trade my life for her's (or Dawkins, or ...) no matter how much lucre is tied to their staking everything on hopelessness. After all if darwin is right, nobody wins...ever. kvwells
I knew a guy who died after his wedding reception by attempting to "show off" his strength by doing one-handed handstands on a deck/ stair railing about 10 feet off the ground. He lost his balance and fell head-first onto the pavement below. RIP Z Joseph
Though I find the stupidity in the darwin awards to have a certain humor, there is something morose about them. The idea of celebrating people's death is just so, so, darwinian. Alas, though outright eugenics, euthanasia and other such concepts are certainly hyper-darwinian, there is something rather eugenic about this whole line of thinking. It again shows that though one's belief re darwinism does not immediately and radically change one's value system, it does slowly. Slowly but surely. bFast
I read one copy of this book a couple of years back. While I couldn't help but laugh a couple of times, I ended up not reading more than a few entries because the sense I got from the book was that is was overwhelmingly mean-spirited. There were several entries humorously detailing the grisly deaths of people who had made simple misjudgements, of course with the underlying sense that it is a relief they are dead and cannot reproduce. It seemed a bit harsh, even WITH a humorous intent. tinabrewer
My bad, however Christopher Kelly the co-author is a 'he'. Maybe I was a little harsh with what I said. lucID
Lucid: Wendy Northcutt isn't a he. If she hasn't alreadsy contributed to the gene pool, don't you think a humorous book is a pretty shallow reason to hope she doesn't? She's intelligent, at least fairly amusing, and the only photo I could find doesn't look too bad either. :) MikeFNQ
Off-hand I can't think of anyone I know deserving of this dubious award. However there is an irony (unless I'm mistaken) here Crandaddy, that the latest book published by the Darwin award founder seems to be angled at mocking ID. (See 'The Darwin Awards 4 Intelligent Design'). The ultimate irony though may be that when the author & founder eventually admits evoultion is bunk and Darwin was wrong (as will everyone in time) he will do us a favor, by ending it all in dispair and accepting his own award posthumously! lucID

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