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To get change, create or exploit a crisis . . .


to control the change, set the agenda and control thought to a thesis, an antithesis and your desired synthesis. So, we see, in a cartoon:

Where, let us recall the change challenge:

. . . thus the fallacy of the false dilemma pushing a simplistic dichotomy of choices:

. . . and the Overton Window context, where one has to open up space to pull policy, likely incrementally — thus we see a slippery slope ratchet:

so, we see how a slippery slope slide into lawless oligarchy can be created:

Are we facing a march of the Lemmings?

Of Lemmings, marches of folly and cliffs of self-falsifying absurdity . . .

Food for thought as we contemplate technoplutocracy. END

AS, untruth in media is an insidious agenda that manipulates us in ever so many ways. Now, leading to the false dilemma of polarisation that opens up divide and domineer. KF kairosfocus
Jerry, there is a whole world out there of sustainable development policy. And the alternative political spectrum is anchored on a fair amount of history, history we desperately need. Starting with, oligarchy is the normal state of government and constitutional democracy requires cultural buttresses that we are rapidly undermining. BATNA -- best alternative to a negotiated agreement -- is a key concept in negotiation and the Overton Window analysis is fairly well known. As for false dilemmas, they are as close to hand as Jesus being confronted by malicious factions tossing a woman caught in the act of adultery at his feet and demanding to know if it was lawful to pay taxes to Caesar. In the first case Jesus used a third option, forgiveness and reform; in the second, he showed by use of a coin that there was a legitimate base for paying taxes to civil authority while reserving the duty of justice: Caesar is God's servant to do good by defending the civil peace of justice. KF kairosfocus
People should look at a timeline of the issues they care about and see whether or not they correlate to what the media pushes. It would be interesting to see some honest observations commented. I'll wait by the phone. Andrew asauber
Will the next fear be lack of food? Aside: no one in the universe understands the visuals above except Kf. Except the ones using fear as a motivator and the old one using lemmings. When fear of the future or distaste for the past is a real issue, people fall for the 12 o’clock/6 o’clock solution. That is do the exact opposite of what they have been doing which is guaranteed to fail. Instead a 11:30 or 12:30 solution may be optimal. People generally do not think clearly except for their very personal experience so it is easy to mislead them as we have seen with the virus and many political topics. If one wants an example, just peruse any thread here that generates more than 50 comments. Guaranteed to be mostly nonsense. A similar thing happens every day on world stage. It’s not just here. Best example, is Russian current invasion of Ukraine. No one knows what’s going on and why did it start. jerry
To get change, create or exploit a crisis . . . kairosfocus

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