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Clinical research mostly not useful; news tsunami anyway?

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From Gary Schwitzer at Health News Review:

Since many papers on clinical research spawn, in turn, dozens or hundreds of news stories, one can easily see how a tsunami of not-ready-for-prime-time medical research news and information drowns the public daily. Ioannidis makes this link with one line in his article – “Public media and related commentators of health news [53] may also help by focusing on the need to obtain clinically useful research and not compromise for less.” That citation is a paper we published about our work. More.

Truth to tell, science writing has not always been a gift to science research. Like peer review, it must be evaluated every now and then.

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News, Perhaps this: "fMRI bugs could upend years of research", will get us a tsunami of retractions. (This could even affect those experiments that purport to show that we don't have free will.) EDTA

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