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First it was epigenetics, now epigenomics

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From The Scientist :

After spending more than a decade developing tools to study patterns in gene sequences, bioinformaticians are now working on programs to analyze epigenomics data.

Just a decade ago, epigenetics researchers used classic biochemistry to reveal key modifications involved in the control of gene expression. These days, discoveries in epigenetics are as likely to be made with a computer as they are to rely on freezers full of cells or stacks of petri dishes. Researchers working to understand the intricacies of methylation marks, histone patterns, and chromosome structure must use computational approaches. More.

Epigenetics is not going away. It’s getting bigger equipment.

See also: Experts: “Epigenetics can drive genetics”

As opposed to natural selection acting on random mutation (Darwinism?) Why does this remind one of Further to “Philosopher of science: Schoolbook Darwinism needs replacement” (Witzany: All these concepts that dominated science for half a century are falsified now)?

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One Reply to “First it was epigenetics, now epigenomics

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    ChrisM says:

    Epigenetics, or the effects associated with it, was discovered back in the 50’s and ruled out of any potential influence. This was because it was shown to be impossible for the effect which occurs inside a cell, to leave the cell or get a message through the cell membrane. There’s basically no evidence for any of the studies they do. It’s a tactic in the fighting over intelligence, whether it is innate, whether different races have different averages. The epigenetics phenomenon is projecting that “hereditary traits are caused by environmental factors through epigenetics’.
    I don’t side with anyone. Just point out it’s political/ideological, not scientific. Just sayin’.

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