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If you ever doubted that popular culture loves the multiverse …


From New Scientist:

Popular culture, too, has embraced the idea of parallel worlds, even if they are frequently depicted in ways that depart considerably from Everett. There’s obvious appeal in what-ifs, and they aren’t confined to science fiction: they feature in everything from romcoms (Sliding Doors) to thrillers (Fatherland).

Hey, they said it here, we didn’t.

After citing Winston Churchill, among others, for “what if” thinking, we read:

So should we make more use of the power of what-if thinking? The multiverse feels like a far-out concept, but it can nevertheless provide a useful framework for considering our decisions. And thinking about all possible worlds may help us to make this one the best we can. Perhaps there’s reason to be optimistic after all.

So we need to believe in a multiverse to consider the possible effects of our actions?

Of course, that’s completely ridiculous. All we need to do is consider the possible effects of our actions in this frame today.

This just shows you how desperate some people are to believe in a multiverse, even while all reason for doing so is being disconfirmed.

See The Science Fictions series at your fingertips (cosmology) for the actual reasons people believe in a multiverse.

The main thing to see here is that the only plausible evidence basis that could create a basis for a faint hope for a multiverse just got discredited. (Planck satellite data says that big BICEP2 cosmic inflation multiverse was just dust.)

So now the hype is all about how believing in a multiverse is somehow an advantage.

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possible worlds analysis is very useful in thinking. Gotta go now. kairosfocus
If there are an infinite amount of universes, how come they don't come together with violent direct impact? And if they do collide why is our universe untouched for such a long period of time? Just asking. Box
As far as multiverse is concerned, movie scripts seems to be more scientific than 'scientific' theories ! the bystander
I love the multiverse when it comes to movies, television shows, books, comics etc Just don't feel the same way when it comes to reality though! Chimera

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