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Real new knowledge in science comes as a surprise?


From Chemistry World:

The paradox of scientific endeavour is that real new knowledge comes as a surprise. A good scientist will initially question its truth, then recognise its value and then will promote its use. The process towards actual use in society involves many different actors and actions (public acceptance, financial support, market development, scale up facilities, etc) and depends strongly on social and cultural acceptance. So the innovation process itself also has the characteristics of a complex system. The way science is perceived in society has a vital influence on support for scientific enterprise. We have to integrate this awareness into science education.

A friend writes to say that this reminds him of Alvin Plantinga’s thesis that in a random universe, we cannot trust our brains to be “reasonable. ”

The thing is,that is precisely what Darwin’s followers do say. Our brains are shaped for fitness, not for truth, So the only truth we will ever understand, presumably, is what they impose by force.

Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista


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