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If you are looking for the God spot, go to church or something.


There is no God spot in the brain.

Unclear why this should be news. But from “Distinct ‘God Spot’ in the Brain Does Not Exist, Study Shows” (ScienceDaily, Apr. 19, 2012) , we learn,

Scientists have speculated that the human brain features a “God spot,” one distinct area of the brain responsible for spirituality. Now, University of Missouri researchers have completed research that indicates spirituality is a complex phenomenon, and multiple areas of the brain are responsible for the many aspects of spiritual experiences. Based on a previously published study that indicated spiritual transcendence is associated with decreased right parietal lobe functioning, MU researchers replicated their findings. In addition, the researchers determined that other aspects of spiritual functioning are related to increased activity in the frontal lobe.

“We have found a neuropsychological basis for spirituality, but it’s not isolated to one specific area of the brain,” said Brick Johnstone, professor of health psychology in the School of Health Professions. “Spirituality is a much more dynamic concept that uses many parts of the brain. Certain parts of the brain play more predominant roles, but they all work together to facilitate individuals’ spiritual experiences.”

If spiritual experiences matter to them, that is.

Note: Yer final Sunday religious jaw was delayed because the entire UD news staff 😉 was out of town fer the day.

Dean Hamer's book The God Gene posited that spirituality is a biological mechanism similar to the songs of birds, and that humans have a genetic predisposition for spiritual belief. Spirituality and religion, however, are too complicated to be reduced to the locus of one gene in the human body or one portion of the brain. Barb

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