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AP GfK poll, more non-Darwinists than Darwinists


Here are the numbers for extremely or very confident in the following positions from March 2014 poll by AP GfK

Darwinism: 31%
non-Darwinism: 42%

Earth 4.5 billion: 27%
Earth NOT 4.5 billion years old: 36%

Anthropogenic global warming: 33%
non-Anthropogenic global warming: 37%

Big Bang: 21%
non-Big Bang: 51%

Universe so Complex there must be a creator: 54%
Not (Universe so Complex there must be a creator): 25%


Robert Byers comments,
angloshere is a word a evolutionist told me. its to cover the english speaking world and could even include anywhere that is greatly under anglo american influence.
The term covers what is and what used to be part of the British Empire.
Its a good word to define the reality of The english speaking peoples civilization which is really the only one. Lets face it.
The reality is that many nations where English is the primary language have multinational peoples speaking their own language while living there. Ever been to Chinatown, NYC? Or Little Italy? The *only* civilization is one where English is the primary language? I'm sorry, but my brain simply cannot process this silliness.
Nothing idiotic about the truth.
When it's your personal truth, and does not represent reality itself, then it becomes stupid. Barb
AB @ 6:
Since when has truth been decided by popular opinion?
Oh, good. This means that evolution cannot be a fact simply because the majority of biologists believe in it. Right? Barb
The AP-Gfk poll doesn't mention "Darwinism" at all but the relevant question is probably, Life on Earth, including human beings, evolved through a process of natural selection... and the results are, Extremely/very confident = 31 - Extremely confident = 14 - Very confident = 17 Somewhat confident = 24 Not too/not at all confident = 42 - Not too confident = 16 - Not at all confident = 27 Refused/Not Answered = 3 Notice the bias of the swing votes ? At 24% the "Somewhat confident" people are biased towards Evolution but have some doubts. As a group then the American public are 55% biased towards evolution and 42% biased away from evolution. Which given the high religiousity in the US is an expected result. Lincoln Phipps
idiot Upright BiPed
Uprightbiped. angloshere is a word a evolutionist told me. its to cover the english speaking world and could even include anywhere that is greatly under anglo american influence. Its a good word to define the reality of The english speaking peoples civilization which is really the only one. Lets face it. Nothing idiotic about the truth. Robert Byers
Ab, I think you missed the point - it's not about the "truth" of a particular point of view, as much as how compelling the argument/evidence for the point of view is. Screaming "the science is settled", or "you just don't understand", or "it's just as much a fact as gravity" at the top of your lungs is a poor substitute for facts, when it comes to convincing people. Polls reflect the strength of your argument, regardless of the truth thereof. Given the enormous PR platform, by government, media, academia and popular culture for evolution, global warming, the Big Bang, etc., there must either be serious flaws in the theories, or significant counter-evidence, or both, for such a large % of the populace to not believe in them. Sure, they could certainly one or all be true, but the case for each needs a lot more support before they reach the level of acceptance of other scientific theories. Can you really look at the complexity of, say, a peacock feather's coloration, and rationally expect most people to say, "yeah, random chance makes sense!". drc466
Since when has truth been decided by popular opinion? Acartia_bogart
‘Praise Darwin!’ UConn Professor Goes Ape During Campus Preaching - April 23, 2014 Excerpt: A University of Connecticut professor asserted that he came from an ape on Tuesday as he went wild during a campus gospel presentation that included discussion on evolution. James Boster, Professor of Anthropology at University of Connecticut, spent over two hours attempting to draw students away from several evangelists that were open-air preaching and distributing gospel literature on campus. Evangelist Don Karns of Hampton, Virginia told Christian News Network that Boster approached him as he was holding a sign about evolution and became condescending and confrontational. “He asked me if I had accepted Darwin as my lord and savior,” Karns stated. “He was very agitated, very demonstrative. … It was very unbecoming of a professor.” http://christiannews.net/2014/04/23/praise-darwin-uconn-professor-goes-ape-during-campus-preaching/
PZ Myers would be proud! :) bornagain77
Anglosphere? idiot Upright BiPed
If the public heard more creationist arguments then numbers would be better for us and worse for the bad guys. We simply can't reach audiences like the evolutionists/God deniers. The hit books and debates help but we need full access to the public. It shows how schools must submit to both sides. This would introduce kids to the issue and then they might seek it all out. Anyways forums like this do allow people to see and feel a aggressive intellectual opposition to the old dumb ideas and hitting the demographics that really care surely moves things along quick. Well done creationists of the world and especially the Anglosphere. As usual the origin of the better ideas and truth for mankind. Robert Byers
Wow. It would've been nice if they had quantified more precisely some of the "other" categories. Nonetheless, it seems we can say >60% of Americans are somehow self-identifying as Christian, educated, moderately politically active, and doubting of any position too strongly held by the majority of scientists. Fantastic. jw777
Scientists stunned by the public’s doubt of Darwin - April 22, 2014 Excerpt: (Stephen) Meyer said that view under-represents the real facts being discovered in evolutionary biology. “Very few leading evolutionary biologists today think that natural selection and random mutation are sufficient to produce the new forms of life we see arising in the history of life,” Meyer said. “And then when the public is catching wind of the scientific doubts of Darwinian evolution and expresses them in a poll like this, these self-appointed spokesmen for science say that the public is ignorant. But actually, the public is more in line with what’s going on in science than these spokesmen for science.” http://www.worldmag.com/2014/04/scientists_stunned_by_the_public_s_doubt_of_darwin With short radio interview on the site bornagain77

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