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Creationist Gynecologist gives straight talk on STDs (Subversive Teachings of Darwinists)


Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, MD writes:

Other than the obvious problems of crowding out basic science courses that have genuine relevance to the practice of medicine, is there any harm in teaching more evolution to medical students? History would say “yes.” Erroneous beliefs that certain mysterious “vestigial organs” were useless evolutionary leftovers, for instance, led many physicians to destroy them needlessly. Countless appendixes were removed unnecessarily on the Darwinian assumption that they were useless leftovers from our ape-ish heritage, ignoring clear evidence that the appendix functions as part of the immune system. Likewise, the thymus glands of many children were needlessly irradiated by physicians who thought the thymus—an important component of a child’s developing immune system—was a useless evolutionary vestige.

Do Medical Schools Need To Teach More Evolution?

I applaud Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell's courage. Not many will dare to question Darwin and his cohorts' authority. coldcoffee
Modern medicine has no need of evolutionary biology. Our present bodies are enough to deal with rather then previous morphology of our bodies now non existent. We don't see our previous stages today and so its irrelevant to medicine. Teaching a evolutionary past for us does no harm or good. Its just wrong speculation . Robert Byers
Just cut that extra loop out of the pharyngula while you're at it. johnp

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