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Deal on Kindle price for Woodward’s Darwin Strikes Back


Thomas Woodward’s book, Darwin Strikes Back (2006), a useful history of the ID community to that date, is currently $2.73 on Kindle:

The debate between proponents of Darwinism and those of Intelligent Design has reached the status of a full-scale public battle. With stories of qualifying statements about evolution in public school textbooks and the recent 70th anniversary of the Scopes Monkey trial in the news, the question about our origins will not be put to rest.

Following up his award-winning Doubts about Darwin, Thomas Woodward traces the continuing saga of the ID movement in Darwin Strikes Back. Focusing on the emerging key players on both sides–Michael Behe, William Dembski, Kenneth Miller, Robert Pennock, and more–Woodward helps readers navigate the tangled maze of public debate, including anti-ID activism from Christians, and shows them what might be coming next.

If someone were to write a history covering the period since, what would it be called? “Darwin? Aw, Come On!” ?

And the next ten years? “Darwin Who?” ?

Hi Upright BiPed, I've read the book and have it here at hand. (imagine that) Woodward is also the author of Doubts About Darwin: A History of Intelligent Design. I have that right here as well. If I can help let me know. Mung
VunderGuy, Who is the book confrontational towards in your opinion? phoodoo
The title of this article and the tone of it sounds needlessly confrontational. VunderGuy
Hi Jon, I have a couple of questions about this book. May I contact you to discuss? Upright BiPed
Yup.I have. Like it says above "a useful history". Jon Garvey
Has anyone here actually read this book? Upright BiPed

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