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“Design in Biology and Physics — Strengths and Weaknesses”: A Lecture by Dr. David Glass

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'Yeah, I’m with Axel on this one. That dude definitely has a Scottish streak in him.' I was being ironic about that too, HM! I should have invoked Dame Edna Everidge. Or the scientist with the artificial voice. (I don't want to get too personal). Axel
Bah! You anti-materialists won't be satisfied till you actually see blood coming out of a stone. Or writing the complete works of Shakespeare. Never mind that it's under the guidance of several monkeys. That's not enough for you! Oh no! But it never is, is it? When will you get with the program. PS: Ironical, atheist Bertrand Russell, casting the architects of Princeton and its environs as monkeys.... Axel
I enjoyed the parts I watched here. its good to see sharp people aiding in ideas that affect creationism. The purpose in these things is not Christian apologetics. The purpose is the truth. It just works out that Christianity is true and a good light. Yet its not the purpose to defend Christianity. lets watch the physics here. AMEN about the evidence. It is all about the quantity and quality of evidence. All that YEC/ID needs to do is question IF there is such evidence. Or rather is there scientific evidence for these origin conclusions.? Is there a true methodology legitimizing the claims for evidence in evolution and company? I say there isn't. If there is then lets put the evidence under the microscope.! It is all about the evidence. For too long its been about the authority behind the claims of evidence. There's been a trust that has betrayed the truth. Robert Byers
ID rejects not all ideas of Darwinism. The controversy ID/Neo-Darwinism can not be used as "explaining away" model, or either/or topic. Changes occur and Darwin was right on this point but they are not enough to create new species. Here you need an Intelligent Designer. Levan
My level of discernment regarding UK accents is based on the new Doctor Who episodes. And Charlie & Lola. M. Holcumbrink
Ootlien fiev qwashtions M. Holcumbrink
I'm Scotch-Irish Protestant-Catholic. I guess that explains it. Mung
oh, wait, he's Irish. M. Holcumbrink
Yeah, I'm with Axel on this one. That dude definitely has a Scottish streak in him. M. Holcumbrink
'..or what', Mung! I think you need a GPS navigational system, dedicated to visual and voice-recognition coordinates. You sure he doesn't look and sound like Sean Connery? Axel
Interesting. He takes a Bayesian approach. Mung
man, dose that guy doing the intro look and sound like michael caine or what? Mung

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