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Introducing “Treesearch”: A Novel Web-Based Interactive Debate Map


Imagine equipping everyone in the world with something like a pocket-apologist, an Artificial Intelligence available to present for you customized evidences supporting a theistic worldview and to offer instant scholarly answers to complex questions. Well, it looks like a website is in development to do something like this. It is called “Treesearch” (treesearch.org) and seems like it will be a pretty novel apologetics debate encyclopedia. The content branches out debate points and counter-points (green vs. red) in a way that simulates dialogue, which makes navigation surprisingly intuitive, fast, and even fun.

There are plans to create an intelligent design section of the website, but that has not yet been developed. The site already has, however, some material on the cosmological and teleological arguments for God’s existence.

I will also say this: you can tell that it is being designed with smart phone users in mind, which could be really effective for experienced and lay apologists in the field (e.g. here is a section of the website addressing whether God exists so you can see how it opens up). It seems full of potential, and I look forward to seeing how it will grow.

Will there be YEC stuff? Thats the best stuff! Will these mobile ID/YEC tghings be allowed in schools?? Do i hear a court case acoming??? Robert Byers
I can't wait to see what they have to say about the New World "Translation"! Mung
The tree-like concept looks like talkorigins' "Index to Creationist Claims", but with counterarguments. JWTruthInLove

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