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SciAm unfondly recalls the Kleagle


Further to “A friend wrote the News desk to ask about ‘human biodiversity’” and I replied,

“Human biodiversity” is the PC version of racism, protected by its patron saint “evolution”:

Here from SciAm, complete with White Power kitsch:

What makes Wade’s book so troublesome is that he offers no scientific evidence to support his racial hypothesis. None. In fact, Wade acknowledges himself that his ideas on this topic are “leaving the world of hard science and entering into a much more speculative arena at the interface of history, economics and human evolution.” Nevertheless, because he thinks academics have suppressed the importance of genetics and race in human history for political reasons, Wade charges ahead and concludes, confidently, that Western civilization is a Darwinian success story.

The rise of the West was not some cultural accident. It was the direct result of the evolution of European populations as they adapted to the geographic and military conditions of their particular ecological habitat…From an evolutionary perspective, an imminent decline of the West seems unlikely. Western social behavior, the source of the open society and open economy with their rewards to innovation, has been shaped by evolution as well as by culture and history and is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Europe has had a long history of brutal warfare and colonial domination. Yet Wade argues that Europeans have actually evolved to be more genteel and civilized than other races.

Yeah, just ask that guy Bruno Fries.

Okay look, near as I can make out, the big problem with this flaming potato is that they can’t just land it on us. For one thing, as noted earlier, everyone you don’t like is a creationist now. And it is just so not our potato.

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