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Life forms found at abyssal depths



The life forms are not abundant, and their metabolisms run at very low levels. Still, they are alive and well, surviving on powdered coal and hydrogen and pumping out methane, the signature molecule leftover by life in extreme environments. They belong to the less commonly known domain of life called Archaea, home also to the extremophiles living in volcanic hot springs and deep sea hydrothermal vents.

“They’re kind of just really cool bugs,” Huber said. “They are very successful organisms.”

There are still a number of questions left to answer. Have these new microbes changed over the course of time? Have they adapted or branched off into new species? Or have they always been the same critter just barely eking by? More.


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Meanwhile in other news: Life forms found at abysmal depths. Please help. Mung
Reminds me of the fact that the current mission to Mars has yet to find any life including an extremophile. The Atheist attempt to falsify Genesis special creation has failed. Ray Martinez

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