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New Documentary Challenges the Darwinian Explanation of Animal Intelligence


Axel. our soul does not sleep and so it and our memory are active while sleeping. Our sleeping just knocks us out at a certain level. I do see this autonomic intelligence as just memory. No thinking or choosing options , right and wrong, is going on. Robert Byers
Yes, Robert, but our autonomic intelligence doesn't reflect, either. In fact, it carries on even when we're asleep or catatonic. It just keeps us functioning at the basic 'biological' level. Doesn't it? Axel
Axel No. People think like God and animals don't. Animals are very dumb and memory maintains any semblance of intelligence in them I think. They the memory but still can't reflect. Robert Byers
Well, Robert wouldn't it just be God working in them in the same way that He created and maintains our autonomic intelligence? Though the empathy many animals show, sometimes cross-species, makes the picture very puzzling. Axel
Animals are dumb. There seems a spirit in them but they are not made in god's image and so don't think like a God. I think the impact of memory is underplayed in nature. Rather then "instinct: its just memory that allows all the wonders dumb creatures do. So how to get such memory is the issue if memory is the mechanism. Robert Byers
Very nice book on this as well: http://www.naturesiq.com/ http://www.amazon.com/dp/0981727301 Mung

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