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Updating DesignInference.com


I just want to let people on this forum know that I’m finally updating my personal website at DesignInference.com. Specifically, the page with my writings, which had not been updated for three years, is now largely up to date (though it omits articles and books in the pipeline): http://www.designinference.com/dembski-on-intelligent-design/dembski-writings.

My own work and research, though still readily accessible at DesignInference.com, will increasingly take backstage as I develop it into a more general educational website directed at cultural and worldview issues. For information about my work and research on this site, please note the following links:

(1) Biosketch of William A. Dembski

(2) CV/resumé of William A. Dembski

(3) Teaching: Courses taught by William A. Dembski

(4) Writings of William A. Dembski

Very eager to see how this turns out - especially as an educational website. Also eager to see the site for The Foundation for Thought and Ethics to complete. Jeffrey Helix

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